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Patraw is way more amazing than you are!


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If I forgot to shout at... I mean TO you then I appologize cuz I either forgot to add you or forgot to tell you that you weren't that important!

Me and some of my favorite losers!

HOLY SHIT BABE! You know I love the shit out of you. Ramber was the first best friend I ever had. And look. It's like 12 or 13 years later and we're still super fuckin close. That's something really fuckin awesome.

My Missy
See the posession there? That's because she is MINE! Also I live at her house and am in love with her mom, and the rest of her family too. Within the past month I've claimed everything she has as mine too. I actually live there, well, when I can get out of hell for a little while.


Kristi Lee
This is my Kristi Lee. She's pretty awesome sometimes lol. Anyway I love her and she's fun stuff most of the time.